Historia Wielkich Duchów

This is the story of the Great Spirits and the Iron Tower as told by Captain
Shitzupac on day 3111

Back in the early days of this island there were two different people who lived here.
They both thought they were the strongest and wanted the other to live under their

Neither side would surrender, so a great battle was waged. Both sides brought weapons
and warriors to the grassland outside of the great fortress of the Iron Tower.

Many fell to the ground from their wounds, starvation and even their bodies just
giving out from the stress of it all. Even the wild animals would get close to feast
on the remains and be driven by blood frenzy to attack those who lived.

Finally both sides were decimated, and no one could claim victory because everyone
had fallen.

Years past and the bodies rotted on the field, picked at by scavengers. Finally more
people came to the island from over seas and inhabited the towns again. I think that
is when both our ancestors arrived. Some took up pin the Iron Tower and some stayed
on this side of the island.

In the Iron Tower, tyranny started to raise it's head yet again. A woman by the name
of Dara Malone seized control of the town and forced her rule upon the inhabitants.
The only one who stood up against her was a man by the name of Burton. But even he
was driven out of town almost dead. For years after he wandered the island, training
his strength and skill, with a vow that one day he return and liberate the Tower.

Sometime after that, I spawned in Iron Fields. At first Dara seemed reasonable, but
soon someone questioned her command and they were thrown into prison to starve to
death. I knew then that I had to leave town as soon as I could. The next time she
went into the tower, I ran down the road with only a small bit of food and some
ragged clothes.

I wandered through the outskirts of town, not wanting to get lost in the wilderness.
I fended off attacks by tigers and other predators. Finally I limped into a field
that was full of corpses. They seemed old, but were somewhat well preserved, as if
death had not fully taken them.

Some were like those, where you could still see them fully, and some were piled up in
the center of the field.

There was also a small house a distance away. There I met Burton and he told me of
his plans to liberate the Tower. He had a few young men like me with him as a rebel
force, and a plan to put a stop to Dara. I immediately swore my loyalty to him and
joined his forces. There were just a few tasks to finish before we could act.

It was within a couple days that I started to get these strange feelings. I would
suddenly get dizzy and hear these voices that I could not understand.

One of the other recruits fell asleep and was killed by a tiger soon after that so we
had to do something with his body. I noticed that the animals would come around and
bother the bodies that were lying around, but would come no where near the pile in
the center of the field. So i dragged his corpse over to the pile and threw it on.

I immediately sank to my knees as some feeling I had never felt before rushed through
me. I vomited from the force of it, but it was like ecstasy!

Once the feeling subsided I marveled at what happened. I grabbed one of the other
corpses from the field and added it to the pile. It gave me a small rush, but nothing
like the first. Soon the whole fields was empty of bodies except for the pile which
had grown quite large with my contributions.

Now when I would get dizzy, I would hear the voices, but the words started to have
meaning. Much of it was in short bits, but I started to put together a story, that
which I told you at the beginning.

The voices were the Spirits of the dead who died in the battle. Because their bodies
were still in this world they had not left it yet. After many years they had been
able to gain control over their souls to some extent. This is what was keeping the
bodies away and affecting me. When I added the first fresh body to the pile they had
absorbed the soul into them, making him part of them and increasing their strength.

I told General Burton about this soon after. He was skeptical at first and wanted to
know more. I said that the Spirits would show him their power, but did not know how.

The next day.....

The Sun stopped in the sky.

Of course this showed the General that the Spirits could do great things. They said
our mission was just, our hearts true, and predicted success in our mission.

We left for the Tower with passion in our hearts, confidant we would be victorious.
With the General's strength, brilliant plans and protection from the Great Spirits we
easily overcame Dara's defenses and liberated the people of the Tower.

From that day on, Iron Fields was a free town where we all work for the common good.
And we continue to show reverence to the Spirits by bringing our dead to Bloody
Fields and adding their souls. That way we never forget the ones we cared about and
the Spirits watch over us.

Captain Shitzupac of the Iron Tower and Disciple of the Great Spirits