Prawa w BLACKROCK (en)

READ ALL THE LAWS – Failure to read will not excuse law breaking.


** Warning, show respect in Blackrock lands or it may be the last land you visit.

HARM ***

1) Physical attacks on a tribe member without permission to do so will result in
death. Sparring with weaponry MUST be done with mutual consent by both sparring
partners. The intent of sparring with a weapon must be voiced publically before the
sparring. This includes sparring with crossbows, axes, swords, knives, tools ect.

2) CROWBARS are illegal in all Blackrock lands except to tribe members. If you carry
a crowbar, leave it in your ship or vehicle. If entering town on foot, you will be
required to hand over the crowbar to the Rau or the leadership until your departure.
Tribe members are free to carry crowbars in Blackrock lands.

3) Theft will be dealt with harshly. Thieves will be attacked on sight and if
possible immediately imprisoned. If you see something left on the ground, do not
pick it up. If the items on the ground were dropped by a deceased person, the items
are then claimed by the Blackrock tribe until the leadership decides on proper
ownership of the items dropped. Taking of notes is considered theft.

4) All buildings are Blackrock property and trespassing in ANY building without
permission from the leadership will be considered theft. Breaking into or attempting
to break into a locked building will result in death.

5) All machinery is Blackrock property. Do not start projects without permission
from the leadership. If you begin a project, Finish it. Leaving projects unfinished
is considered littering. It is disrespectful and will be dealt with harshly. Illegal
projects will be claimed by the tribe.

6) If you have extra notes, or random junk, maybe extra resources, do NOT litter our
grounds with it. Take it out of Blackrock land to dump it off on someone else.

7) Manufacturing of weapons in Blackrock lands is restricted. Speak with the
leadership before beginning a weapon.

8) Approval must be given before any construction of a building. No personal
building will be allowed in the main streets. Tribe members will be permitted to
build an apartment inside. Copies of the door key WILL be given to the Rau and/or
current leadership.

9) Hunting is illegal of any animal numbered 10 or less. Hunting is permitted to
tribe members only, citizens of the tribe or friends to the tribe specified by the

10) Resource gathering is permitted to tribe members only. Visitors wishing to
gather MUST gain specific permission by the town leadership or the Rau. Gathering of
resources does not include healing food. Healing food gathering is restricted to
Blackrock Tribe members only. This includes ALL healing foods.

If seeking for permission or approval, please direct your inquiries to Rau Naedellor
the town leadership. Rau Naedell can be found residing in Blackrock Shores.

The Blackrock Leadership reserve the right to interrogate anyone in regards to where
they came from, what weapons they carry and what business they have in this region.
Failure to comply to the interrogation will be dealt with appropriately.